Black & White (Healing in Expressing Emotions and Overcoming Need to Control)

Just Show Up

Last week during the SHINE Catholic Work Camp a young woman was given the opportunity to share her heart on stage to 100 of her peers. In poetic grace she expressed a HOPE that is for all of us to embrace.

Black & White by Katherine Teagle

I believe in white, like the color of wedding dresses and baptismal gowns.

The color of innocence and the wave caps on the ocean.

I believe in white, the color of fluffy clouds in the sky that children often make pictures out of.

I believe in white, like that of the unwritten pages of this book

and a clean slate of an ever so wanted forgotten past and the calm mind after over active thoughts.

I believe in white lines.

The color of battle scars of any kind,

the constant reminder of a hard time or an ever so regretted decision.

The color…

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