Carter Reynolds is a shitty person and doesn’t deserve your forgiveness.


Sometimes people do shitty things. This doesn’t automatically qualify you as a shitty person because people are complex and make mistakes. The best way to handle the aftermath of doing something shitty is to accept full responsibility and apologize without making excuses for yourself. I admit that it’s easier said than done, but it’s still something worth doing. However, if you do something shitty and your way of apologizing is to briefly touch on your wrong-doings and then launch into a conversation about how you’re being negatively affected by your own shitty choices and try to absolve yourself from any and/or all responsibility, you are just a shitty person. And Carter Reynolds is that shitty person.

For those who aren’t caught up on the situation, Carter Reynolds is a nineteen-year-old Vine “star” from North Carolina. He has millions of fans and followers on all of his social networking platforms and the…

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