chicken nuggets and magazines.

Dac's Mommy

Today like every day is chicken nuggets and magazines.

When your kid (mine is an adult but who functions as a

two-year old) is on the spectrum you will understand

this blog post all too well.

Does your Autistic kid hate routine change like mine?

I am seriously considering investing in McDonald’s


Dac loves McDonald’s chicken nuggets so much that

although she has limited speech, the moment we turn

onto the street and she spies the golden arches, she

begins rocking the seat of the car with a vengeance.

Nothing makes this kid happier than a trip to McDonald’s

or a stack of really thick magazines that she can shred

into really tiny pieces.

She will smile broader and squeal with delight.

That’s all that is important in my world.

Christmas has arrived, or so it would seem.

Living with Autism is not easy. Those on the

spectrum have…

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