Continued Coverage of #PeopleMatter Caucus Rally

CCPA Provider Insider

CT News Junkie: “Concerned About Cuts, Recipients and Human Service Providers Remind Lawmakers That ‘People Matter'”


“In order to get into the caucus room Tuesday morning, lawmakers had to pass through throngs of people waving ‘#PeopleMatter’ signs. The crowd was dominated by those supporting funding for the developmentally disabled as well as the elderly and those who care for them.”

“One of the rallying points among those advocating for more DDS funding is the lack of residential housing for more than 2,100 intellectually and developmentally disabled people in the state.”

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WTNH: “Parents plead with lawmakers not to cut services”

“Parents of adult children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as others worried that the the nearly quarter-billion dollars the Governor wants to cut in order to roll back the new taxes on business will mean hardship and setbacks for those who are in need…

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