Day 28 – Four weeks

Liz Learns to Adult

There’s something special about this day, I think. It’s been officially four weeks since I started this journey, since I started this blog.

And what a four weeks it’s been. Ups, downs, all arounds. Today I finished week 3 D1 of C25K. It was hard – I’m trying to not let myself look at the time when I’m running, but it makes things feel like forever, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that.

Today started off as a not-good day. I was really anxious last night. I had to re-adjust my work schedule this morning – and change sets me off. Even little change. But – I made it to the gym. I went to the grocery store (chicken breasts are on sale!). I went home, I made breakfast. Soon I’ll pack lunch, and maybe dinner. And I will go into work like nothing has happened…

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