Good Night. Good Morning. Merry Middle.


insomnia rcing

Here we go again. ..6:00 am and not sleeping yet.

Let’s try to sleep now. Many of you are waking up, at the time I fall asleep. Anxiety is making my insomnia worse.

good night

I was doing better for a few weeks. Now this seems like a relapse. Is there such a thing as INSOMNIA RELAPSE .
good morning fellow bloggers

So, good night from my end…Good morning on your end.

Maybe some of my readers from other parts of the world are going to bed now. It must be midnight somewhere when it is 6:00 am in New Jersey, US.

So, if it is between 9:00 and 12:00 midnight where you are then…Come on Get to bed before you end up like me…LOL

Happy sleeping.
Happy Waking.
Or Happy Middwof the Day.

Annie ❤

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