Huge Lose Chapter 3


Eventually I found out I was pregnant.  I had to tell him.  So I called him up to tell him the news.  I was 4 months pregnant.  No longer doing any drugs or drinking.  I was going to leave town, away from all my old friends, and start a new life back in my hometown, where my Mom and Gramma were living. (My mom had recently moved back there)  New life with my new baby, on the straight and narrow.  Got a nice little apt, and was happily getting all ready for my baby to come.  Then… we got back together.  He moved in with me, and got a job.  We didn’t have much money these days, but enough to survive.  No more drugs, ( well he smoked weed, but no more hard stuff) No partyin, Just happiness…  When I was about 8 months pregnant,  he started coming home late…

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