I’m coming back as a rock

Muddling Through Leukemia

Simple diamond ring This stunning rock could be me.

I know I’ve been unsettling you lately with all my talk of death, but we have a bit more to cover. Don’t be alarmed; this is not a bad-news post. On the contrary, I hope to surprise you and delight you and make you laugh.

I wouldn’t be writing about death again so soon were it not for my darn CBC Calgary app. Every time I check the local news, I am confronted with images of dead people memorialized in three-dimensional stone images. This picture is associated with a story on a funeral convention that took place in Lake Louise earlier this month. I’m thinking CBC should update their darn Calgary app page a little more often.

I did learn a lot about trends in funerals, though, information which may come in handy some day. Did you know that, in addition to creating likenesses of themselves in stone, people…

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