“it takes a village”…and you’re damn right it does.

hi blake

i used to DESPISE the saying “it takes a village.” it would literally make me cringe when i heard it. when we first had blake i wanted justin and i to be the only ones she needed. i didn’t want help from anyone. that saying made me feel like it was implying you can’t parent or you can’t hack it so we need all of these other people to help. it was a pretty naive way of thinking, i know. chalk it up to first parent syndrome or stubborn-ness, i don’t know.

we tried doing everything by ourselves for a long time…pretty much up until we received blake’s diagnosis (almost 1 year ago). but “it takes a village” doesn’t mean you are any less of a parent. it doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re doing. it doesn’t mean your children will think that you aren’t the greatest anymore. it means that raising…

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