Mrs. Fix-it

Love and peanut butter

My dad is an awesome Mister Fix-it!ScreenShot2012-07-07at24040PM-1

Growing up I saw him fix just about anything you could think of. I have watched him build houses, create decks out of warped lumber, fix plumbing problems, and the list goes on. You name it, my dad can fix it. The same can be said about my mom. She is an artist, baker, cook, florist, decorator and her list goes on as well. One time dad was working off-shore and the timer in our clothes dryer went out. Dad had to order the part but it was still going to be a while before he got back home. So my mom went, picked up the part and replaced the timer herself! I spent many hours watching both of my parents “fix” stuff while learning myself how things could be done.

So this “I can do anything with my hands” ability/gene/gifting runs deep in my veins. I enjoy…

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