Narcissists Never Lie

Soul Healing Art

Witness Witness

Narcissists NEVER lie.
They simply can’t be bothered
to exist in the same reality as you or I.

Narcissists never lie- ever.

They simply do not see reality as you or I do. Their statements can go counter to every shred and example of evidence that you may have, but still the narcissist will boldly proclaim “I am not telling a lie.”

You can even have video-tape evidence with subtitles, and even that will not crack the narcissist’s defense.

The narcissist is not telling lies when he or she defends him or her self in this way.

Any evidence you may have is part of YOUR reality. YOUR reality means nothing to the narcissist- literally nothing.

You may think you share the same space of reality as the narcissist. But you don’t.

The narcissist creates his or her OWN reality and YOU are supposed to understand HIS OR HER…

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