Psychiatric Database for Writers: Asperger’s Syndrome

Alex Natalian

Asperger’s Syndrome is marked by unusual behaviors and difficulty with social interactions. Some professionals equate this disorder to high-functioning autism, whereas others see autism and Asperger’s as distinct diagnoses. Symptoms frequently include:

Unusual behaviors

  • Narrow, intense interests or “obsessions.”
  • Intense fascination for unusual things, like doorknobs or alarm clocks.
  • Rigid about sticking to routines and rituals.
  • A tendency to experience odd physical habits, like unusual ways of walking or talking.
  • Fascination with parts of objects; for example, taking apart TV’s.

Difficulty with social interactions

  • Problems understanding nonverbal communication. Problems understanding facial expressions and gestures.
  • Difficulty understanding social “rules” and cues
  • Difficulty finding close friends
  • Lack of interest in sharing time with others.
  • Difficulty expressing interest in another person’s welfare.
  • Often prefer to be with animals or inanimate objects than with other people.

Other characteristics that aren’t always present

  • Very formal and complex language, as if reading from an encyclopedia.
  • Tendency…

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