Putting Words to Thoughts and Feelings

The Darkness Chronicles

Trying to put words to thoughts and feelings are never easy, especially to an inarticulate person such as myself.  I have always struggled with putting my thoughts and feelings into words and I guess that’s where I have had the most difficulty in defining my own demons when explaining myself to others and professionals.

I do not know if it’s just down to a disconnection between my emotional and intellectual parts of my own mind (not that I’m an intellectual or anything, I’m far from being an intellectual or deep thinker or anything) or if it’s a flaw in language and my lack in ability to use it.

I know that when something feels good or feels bad but when asked ‘WHY?’ I fall flat at explaining or answering.  Try to form a proper explaination has never really been my forte.  I have heard people say that speaking the mind…

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