The Other Side

...a girl's journey


Little did I know that only a few hours after my last post, I’d be out of bed, feeling better. I should have told you before now. But I didn’t know how to explain. How would I begin to explain how a post (written by me at noon, that was full of utter despair) could be followed up by a new post, (written only a few hours later), full of calm assurance and peace? How could I admit to you that my emotions were overtaken by the powerful, all-consuming, and incessant verbal ruminating that I’ve become so accustom to?

My BPD embarrasses me. As I’ve grown to understand it, I’ve hesitated to write, because of instances just like this. Writing in moments of deep emotional despair, risks the regret I might feel once I’m on the ‘other side’. Writing in the midst of misery, runs the risk of triggering you, or…

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