The Sounds are Starting to Come

Finding Cooper's Voice

98314938bbc007fde29a9c5ee2e63277Jamie and I had a late night conversation last night about the nonverbal struggles. We both agree that although nonverbal is hard…it’s the delays in ‘understanding’ that is harder. There is no waiting. There is a little tiny bit of ‘first this, than that’. There is very little reasoning. And holy moly can that kid carry on. At times I am secretly impressed by his devotion to the things he loves. If only his devotion didn’t have to be so damn loud and shrill.

I truly believe the language is coming. I truly, really do.

We have been really working on sounds lately. And they are slowly starting to come. But even more exciting is that cooper is getting closer to making conversational sounds!

This is a pretty silly short video that I took yesterday. Cooper will attempt to mimic. Attempt to engage. Obviously he is silly as a goose because he…

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