The unheard noice.

Only I, know the true me.

Many people, will have a time in their life, where they find themselves awake in the early hours. Often, they would describe this time as quiet and peaceful, allowing time to think and sit calmly.

Unfortunately, for nocturnal minds,  the experience is a whole lot different.

They do not hear the calming silence. Although, they do ‘think’…..but on a different scale. Their thoughts come racing, zooming round. Constantly thinking and overthinking a million scenarios.

For them, there is no silence. Instead, the continuous ticking of the clock, the humming of the fridge, the clonking of water pipes, yells from drunks walking home, the passing taxis (whose engines seem noisier then ever). The persistent drippy tap that went unnoticed during the day. Even their own breathing is amplified.

The nocturnal mind is sleep deprived.

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