Wednesday Wisdom: Embracing Change

If nothing changes, then nothing changes. If you remain the same person, make the same choices, live in the same place, work the same job and surround yourself with the same people, things will remain – generally speaking – the same. While there’s safety and security in sameness, there’s endless possibilities and freedom in change.

The two oppose each other not just in life, but in their nature; sameness is comforting. Change is scary. Same is known and easy; change is daunting and mysterious. It takes a lot of courage, strength and confidence to break out of routine and change your life. But, as any strong soul will tell you, its always, always worth the risk.

We find ourselves at constant crossroads throughout our lives; where to move, what to do, who to settle down with. And sometimes we find ourselves at a series of crossroads, with choices that challenge…

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