When You Think You’re Never Going To Get Better

Sarah Siders Coaching and Counseling

Today I talked with a mama friend who’s been anxious and scared for a long while. She’s tired of fighting this fight with her mind. I know this feeling so well.

There were days in the worst of my paralyzing paranoia where I wanted to just give up. I didn’t want to die, really, but I just didn’t have much fight left. I thought, if this keeps going, I can’t. I can’t do this.

The worst part was realizing what was wrong, fixing it, and then still nothing. I didn’t get better. At least not at first.

At some point early in the struggle, I knew the problem was rooted in soul neglect. Of course, add in the years of sleep deprivation, the disappointment and uncertainty of pastoring, friends moving and confusing career discoveries, scary news everywhere I looked, plus a depleted body and rapid hormone shifts, and it was a perfect storm. But…

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