Where is my life actually heading?


What am I actually doing? Where am I going? Is this my age based meltdown starting?

I’m 33 in a little over 3 months time, I feel a bit lost.

I’m single, with no real prospect of a relationship on the horizon, I have no children, I’m not overly happy in my job. I feel like the rest of the world states that by now I should be married, with kids and the perfect career.

Frankly, I blame the Internet.

At my interview for my current job, which was 4 years ago, my boss asked what my 5 year plan was. My response was honest, I didn’t know. I had recently come out of an 8 year relationship which meant where I thought I’d be in my personal life in 5 years had changed, therefore that affects my career goals too. He was accepting of this answer and genuinely seemed…

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