A rush of nerves.

Only I, know the true me.

Need to share my thoughts out loud.

I’m nervous how I will cope with a new situation I have found myself in.

My current job, (my safety net, my comfort zone, familiar faces, same work, same location, 5 minutes from home) are making ‘cut backs’.

My hours will be reduced, which as a family of 6, would be hard to budget to.

I have found a job advertised, which sounds ideal. However, this is where my anxiety kicks in……NEW people, new place, new work, new job requirements, new uniform, new location, out of my comfort zone, an INTERVIEW !!!

I am already completely on edge and stressed out. I haven’t even finished filling out the form, let alone sent it off.

What if I do get called for an interview?

What if I start to panic and sweat?

What if I start to feel dizzy?

What if I’m sick?


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