Assault, Battery, & More: Court-Appointed Lawyer Files Suit Against Nick Gordon On Bobbi Kristina’s Behalf

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The Bobbi Kristina narrative just gets crazier and crazier as time goes on?

After being found unresponsive in her home at the beginning of the year, the 22-year-old?s health has continued to deteriorate and she is now being moved into hospice care. To make matters worse, her family is still going at each others? throats. Add in the Nick Gordon boyfriend dynamic, and we pretty much have a full-blown soap opera on our hands. Most recently, a lawsuit has been filed against Nick on Bobbi Kristina?s behalf, the court-appointed representative claiming her partner ?took money from her and abused her physically and emotionally.?

Yahoo Newsreports the details:

(Court appointed lawyer) Bedilia Hargrove filed a lawsuit against Gordon Wednesday in Fulton County Superior Court. The complaint says Gordon routinely transferred large amounts of money from Brown?s accounts to his without Brown?s permission.

The complaint also accused Gordon of misrepresenting his relationship…

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