Awareness & Acceptance – Why I Light It Up Blue AND Gold

Naming The Stars

People are often surprised about my openness about being an Aspergirl. When I openly state it during a fairly random conversation (in my typically and ever-accidentally blunt Aspergirl way, never really quite realising what a bomb I dropping until it lands), people tend to go through a number of stages.

First is denial. “But you seem so NORMAL!” or “But you cope so WELL!” or “Well, I would never have known!”. This is my most hated stage of the process. It is a whole other blog post to do it justice, but truly, if you lived inside my head for a single day, you would know how much it costs and how hard I have to constantly work to keep that “normal” mask jammed firmly in place in public. You would realise that mentally I have to run up and down a mountain just to keep metaphorically standing still, and…

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