CBT appointment 2

This is me. Fibro. Chronic Fatigue. Depression. The lot.

Thursday was my 2nd appointment with my CBT person, I was a little nervous as I haven’t seen her for a while and I didn’t know what she would think of my buying the self-help books. I got there and it was absolutely fine (she is really lovely).

I told her about my achievements and the books, she enquired which books so I showed her – she immediately recognised the ‘Pick me up’ books and had a quick look through, she said she didn’t realise they had been re-released in a smaller format but that they are brilliant and she is very pleased and now she can recommend them to her other clients. So yay! Not knowing much at all I managed to get some good books!

The appointment was… interesting… she is extremely pleased with my progress and my achievements, she said that I have kinda skipped over the…

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