Day 177 – 6 miles (811 total) #aspergers #autism #runstreak


Carson’s first day home.  I took the day off work to spend with him since he didn’t have any summer camps to attend.  Those start next week.  I was quickly reminded how exhausting Carson can be.  I feel like I have talked all day.  At all times, he either had music playing, was asking me questions about buses or tornadoes, or was just making random noise.  I love my quiet time, but that is clearly over.  I’m not complaining, just painting a picture of Carson’s energy.  I needed to go buy new shoes for work.  Normally, that’s a 45 minute errand.  Carson was eager to ride the city bus.  I figured out a way to make it work into our plans, which turned our 45 minute errand into 3 hours.  We parked at a park and ride, got on the bus, and rode it to another park and ride.  We…

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