Dealing With Events

Not All Who Are Anxious Are Lost

Hi all,

I’ve had a few events I’ve been to recently  things have been quite busy so apologies for not posting!

Firstly last weekend I got to go to my fantastic friend’s wedding, I was nervous about the venue as I knew it was a loud bar which would involve dancing, I was also pretty concerned about not knowing many people.

On the way there we had to walk through York on race day, the York races are notoriously full of drunk muppets, this was confirmed by the fact one decided to touch my bum while walking behind me, apparently when such things happen my anxiety disappears as I instantly turned to confront him! Holding up Chris’s guitar stand that I was carrying I said ‘are you kidding, did you actually just touch me?!’ they didn’t stick around long, they were so drunk they toddled away. Then at a good…

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