Dragon Tee Helps Child With Autism

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Santino Stagliano , 10 years old, was diagnosed with autism when he was 5.   He had a hard time socializing and felt a bit nervous around crowds and loud places.    His parents gave him a plain white t-shirt and some markers so he could draw his favorite thing…. a dragon.

Santino’s mom Lisa posted a picture of the t-shirt on her facebook page.   She started getting sooo many requests for the t-shirt.    Wouldn’t ya know…. Santino’s Dragon Drawing, Inc. has produced over 650 t-shirts and over 1,000 orders.

Each shirt is sold for $15.00, with a portion of the proceeds going toward Center for Autism where Santino spends time during the week.

The dragon drawings have been a turning point for Santino and he has really come out of his shell.

Way to go Santino!!!    I want one of his t-shirts don’t you?

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