How to Interact Socially with Just Your Face

Deanna K. Willmon

Social Interaction 101

I recently wrote a post titled What is Wrong With You? (and only feel a little bit bad about the title).  In it, I mention that my daughter will begin testing for Asperger’s next month and I wonder if it has anything to do with my genes or if we’re both just a couple of introverted outskirters.

Whatever the root cause, I’ve been working with her for while on basic social skills, namely:

  1. Look people in the eyes or they’ll think you’re a lying sociopath.
  2. Speak when spoken to even if the statement or question is incredibly stupid.
  3. The ridiculous necessity of small talk (Hint: You can always default to the weather.)

And yesterday I found out we’re not the only ones.

While waiting for my daughter’s turn for a hair cut, a woman walked in with a girl of around eleven that I assumed to be her daughter.  They checked in and sat…

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