Kicking the Hornet’s Nest

Deliberate Donkey

Considering his propensity to make decisions without me, I thought it wise to ask questions. Seems that was not wise. I didn’t even realize I was kicking a hornet’s nest. Though once I did, I kicked some more.

I had to ask twice before I even got an answer, though it was hardly an answer.

School 1He’s the king of refusing to answer the question he’s asked. Avoidance, denial, whatever. He just doesn’t want to give me information.

School 2

I waited a week and asked again. He did say he would be registering them for their new school this week.

School 3

That’s when I really pissed him off.

School 4

Hornet’s nest officially kicked.

School 5

He’s such a shithead. I am entitled to this information. I am allowed to ask about my own children’s lives. He’s just an asshole. A donkey. A deliberate donkey.

School 6

It is asking too much for him to involve me. Funny though, he…

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