Lending a Hopeful Heart

Snare Drums and Socks


It’s more than a year since I last wrote on my blog. It’s amazing how your lifestyle can go through such metamorphosis in only one year. Yet, seemingly, remain almost the same product and experience it was beforehand.

We’ve seen a lot of positive changes in Acorn in the past 9 months. I write this as a declaration for all parents of very young children whom have been diagnosed with autism.

I must state at this point, I am talking to those parents whom have never heard a single word leave the beautiful lips of their precious child. For the parents who haven’t slept past 3am since their little one was born. The parents who strive to transform this sometimes unforgiving world to accommodate the needs of their very special little girl or guy who doesn’t understand the basics of human interaction. Those of you who spend every evening searching the…

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