May be tourring Edens supportive living

Matters to Sam

Hi everyone,

As staff continue to leave Albany (found out about another possibly two staff leaving last night) I continue to look for alternative living arrangements that will still offer the support I need.

There are other supportive living facilities in Chicago besides Friedman Place. Many are for seniors. This one place Edens is for people with all disabilitys under sixty five. I heard of it while at Friedman. Robert and I were looking to tour it just to see how different it was from there just for the experience of seeing different facilities.

We heard mixed things about it. Some people said staff weren’t very friendly and there weren’t very good services. Other people worried that almost all disabilities there are physical in nature so that there would be a toon of wheelchairs and walkers which would be impossible to navigate around for a blind person.

At this point…

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