Obligatory Intro Post!

Mothers, Interrupted.


This is a blog of two mothers that struggle with ADHD/ADD.  We spend a lot of time on the internet, usually procrastinating important things, and we have yet to find a blog that encompasses what we would like to see, so we figured we would create our own!

Yes, we have found an abundance of blogs that cover adult ADHD, or even being a mother with ADHD.  However, one thing we both have trouble with is reading HUGE stories, without getting distracted.

We love sites like Buzzfeed!

Why do we love Buzzfeed? Because it is filled with LISTS and it is filled with PICTURES.

When our busy brains see things split up by numbers and colorful images, it is easier for us to get through reading them, because it keeps us interested.  Huge blocks of text are not a friend of ADHD people, so we will include these breaks…

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