Summertime madness

Endurance Mom

Well, Lana Del Rey may have Summertime Sadness, but around here it’s been nothing but Summertime Madness.

Frankly, I’d prefer it that way, as her video isn’t especially cheerful (duh.) At least, when it’s just crazy as hell, there are still moments of happiness and joy and love mixed in there somewhere. Granted, they’re not the most numerous moments, but they ARE there somewhere. You just have to endure the craziness first.

So, the source of most of the madness has been Miss Autism. She’s stepped up her game with fun new diversions like smearing feces around her room. She was really playing us one day and drew a smiley face on her wall . . . in poop. So, yeah, she’s not just doing it for fun. It’s a form of protest as well. Just what she’s protesting is up for debate, since she’s the one calling all…

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