Super Cooper

Finding Cooper's Voice

IMG_2426Do you know that I was actually stressed about posting that video of Cooper making sounds online. I’ve been doing this for 3 years. I’ve been waiting for the words for so long. And I start to feel like my hope is like a broken record. Even today, I regretted it. I know the comments I will hear from people now.

Don’t be sad…he’s making sounds. He’s close to talking. Someday he will talk. It will happen soon.

It’s almost like these videos are ammunition of hope.

But what the mom inside me wants to say…we could be here for months. Years. Or the rest of his life.

How much hope do I put into this stage? Without going crazy?

So, as I sat all depressed in my living room over my 4 year old not talking I thought I would  post a little Cooper cuteness. He spent the morning holding my hand…

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