The Causes for Mental Health: A Long History of Misattributions


What we call mental health issues arise in complex occurrences of external, concrete contexts: stress from economic, social, and opportunity issues.; lack of strategies; lack of ways to control outcomes or people; consistently bad life histories; etc.

Because we cannot easily ‘see’ how these issues arise–there will never be a single salient ’cause’ that jumps out at us–the history has been a sad one of attributing the causes of mental health to all sorts of weird inventions and verbal illusions: there is never going to be a single or simple ’cause’.  We need to use better methods of observation if we want to ‘see’ how mental health issues arise from our life situations.  The current forms of observations fail to see the whole contexts.  Hence the Blue Holistic Elephant.

Because they are inventions of language, these ’causes’ have often been built to fit with someone’s interests and biases, and this also includes the biases…

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