The Forgotten

amorphous feelings

Eyes twitching, thumb in mouth,

He didn’t understand what this was all about.

His family was gone, he was all alone,

All he wanted as to be loved by someone,

With her hearing aid turned up all the way

There were only so many words she could understand.

A slow response and her lack of hearing

Are the reasons that she is left fearing

Her future and what her life will become

Just because she has trouble hearing someone.

Lips sealed and no words spoken,

That little boy seemed so far from broken.

Yet just because he isn’t super bright,

He will have to put up twice the fight.

There’s no room for him in the schools for the normal,

Thus his future is jeopardized.  Isn’t that horrible?

Drool dripping from his lips,

He walked with a limp because of his hips.

No one to wipe the saliva from his face.

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