You Understand Then?

Wine & Chicken Nuggets

It was a seemingly normal playground day. We are all on the mend from a nasty GI/sinus bug that swept through this house like wildfire.  A little fresh air and “normalcy” was long overdue. As I was sitting on the bench I unintentionally overheard a mother telling her friend that her son was starting to “stim”, and I immdeaiatly turned around.  The term “stim”, short for stimming, is a completely normal word for us, and for those who have loved ones on the spectrum (ASD) or with sensory processing disorder (SPD), but not really for “normal” moms to say on the playground.  Stimming is a person’s way of dealing with overwhelming sensory information.  It is a reparative behavior like flapping their hands, rocking, shaking their head back and forth, tapping, spinning ect. Many times these are indicators that a sensory meltdown may be imminent. Sometimes they prevent the meltdown, sometimes…

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