Parental Alienation

The AP’s techniques usually are in various combinations:

  • Denying the existence of the TP: This can be blatant (“I don’t ever want to hear her name in this house”) or very subtle (refusing to acknowledge that the child has positive experiences in the other house). In one family, the father would play catch with the children and would not look up when the mother drove in, nor would he stop the game. He held the children’s attention until the mother was forced to intrude openly, at which point he would walk away from the children and mother, never acknowledging her presence.

  • Pairing good experiences or feelings with bad feelings: This is displayed by not responding to the child’s expressions of love or enthusiasm for the other parent, or pairing these good experiences with bad feelings (“Oh, that’s nice. I had a terrible weekend without you”).

  • Constantly attacking the TP’s character…

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