Parental Alienation

Detection, especially in the last stages, may seem difficult. The “truth” of the family becomes very relative. However, typical patterns in PAS allow for detection by a professional familiar with this form of family conflict:

  1. Contradictions: This is relevant especially when the child’s own statements are contradictory, or they contradict factual history or the perceptions of unbiased individuals;

  2. Child has inappropriate and unnecessary information (e.g., “My dad had an affair while my mom was in the hospital having me,” or, “My mom wanted me aborted”);

  3. Child engages in character assault: This can include the use of globally negative descriptions for which the child has trouble coming up with specifics sufficient to justify them;

  4. Collusion and one-sided alliance with the AP: This is often given away by the use of blended pronouns (e.g. “When my dad left us …,” or, “We don’t have enough money to live on”);

  5. Child parrots themes…

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