Fighting Darkness

sunfire and thunderstorms

The stigma against mental illness isn’t going to change. Not overnight. Probably not in our lifetimes.

Think about it. Did racism and persecution against African-Americans end when full civil rights were granted? No. Because a mentality had been institutionalized and disseminated to non-African-Americans. Because people who were prejudice passed that prejudice on to their children.

Think about it. It’s wonderful and beautiful that anyone can marry whoever they want now. But that isn’t going to stop bigoted people from fighting against it. That isn’t going to stop hate crimes or hateful words being posted all over the internet. Because a mentality was institutionalized. Luckily, the “institution” has changed it’s mind, but the people who were taught prejudice by their parents? They’re going to pass it on to their kids.

People are going to keep suffering no matter what. We with mental illness, already suffering because of our sensitivities or syndromes…

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