Fireworks do not compute

Aspie Say What?

It is exactly one week until the Forth of July. Which means fireworks….I hate fireworks. I hate the way the sky flashes light, I hate the loud bang right before the light, and I especially hate the odd sizzling sound as the firework separates and flickers into nothing. Already, I have started to see a flood of “be respectful to your veterans suffering from PTSD” post on my personal facebook page which made me wonder….why don’t I see the same “please be respectful” post for those with Autism/Aspergers who have sensory problems? Or honestly just anyone with sensory problems?

I remember once as a teenager being told by a stranger that I was being silly” and should be “ashamed” of myself for thinking that I should compare a veteran who has seen war to some “silly irrational fear“. Obviously this didn’t make sense to me….sensory processioning has nothing…

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