I Will Respect Myself

Musings of the Modern Housewife

Taken from a Facebook page, click for "Wicca Teachings" Taken from a Facebook page, click for “Wicca Teachings”

The term “self-respect” can mean something different to any number of people.  To a domestic violence survivor or a victim, it can mean life or death.

When looking at a domestic violence victim, they have had their self-respect stripped from them by their abuser.  The abuser has caused the victim to believe they are deserving of the torture they are getting for no reason other than to feed the abuser’s twisted ego and fulfil his sick views of what a lover should be.  This is one thing that causes the victim to stay with the abuser and also results in the continued downward spiral of the victim’s mental state.  Depression, eating disorders, suicide, self harm, all stemming from a lack of self-respect.

A survivor is looking to get back their self-respect, and it’s no easy battle.  The scars of the

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