Just Before I Fell in Love with These 3 Sisters (a story of hope & the most difficult post that I have written so far) PLEASE SHARE


dawnLast year my daughters and I read a book about a group of horses that were abandoned overboard, ruthlessly thrown into the sea by their ‘master’.  They needed to escape the cold, dark water, follow the smell of the sweet grass, attempt to return home.  There was a passage where the mama was trying to explain what the outside world is like to her filly, Estrella, who had never yet seen the light of day…

How do you explain the feel of dewy grass under your feet to someone who has lived their entire existence in a sling and unable to touch the ground? How do you explain the twinkle of a star to someone who has never seen the night sky? How do offer the strength to a child when the journey seems too tough to bear? How do you describe to her the end of darkness, the beginning…

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