Monday Musings

Passions and Lemonade

broken-trustTen months ago my husband was admitted to the hospital for suicidal ideation.  It was as this time that I asked him for a divorce.  It wasn’t his mental health issues that prompted this it was the violence the home at the time.  If you have lived through something like this then only you would really understand what I went through.

It started with the anger.  Subtle, not to overt or aggressive, more a passive aggressive type anger that was hard to pin point.  I never knew why he was angry, Couldn’t figure out the triggers because they would change daily.  Little things would set him off sometimes yelling other times just a smoldering boil that came out in nastiness.  It was directed at all of us in the house at one time or another, no one was safe from it, even the animals felt the wrath of his anger…

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