my head! (not a ordinary woman.)


Note this is something, I wrote as awareness, bit of a insight thinking. (side project)

I’m not any ordinary woman or “special” in any way! Hmm…Thought you where stereotyping me. As I was saying before, I’m a very attractive, skinny, 5’8 tall, long haired brunette.With white skin, Oh “so shinny! ( look at arm) ‘oh yeah I have brown captivating eyes,which inevitably lures you to sudden “BOOM”! (smiles) I mean ( looking puzzled) anyways moving on, with “chubby cheeks“! Ow don’t even start with me! “why not” ’cause you know why’!  Not much is to be said (head down, Twiddling with my fingers) with where. I’, from other than ‘I don’t want to go back there’ “Mommy” (holding myself, rocking back and forth). Never again, I tell you, (turns head to side) “That’s enough, talk about that.’yeah they wouldn’t be interested about that…

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