The Bed…Best friends or Worst enemies fear


I have been self-imprisoned in the protection of my room / cave for weeks now…maybe longer…I begin to lose track of time…

Only going out for groceries and taking my daughters to places they need to go.

I have stayed for too many hours in this bed, even though my muscles are beginning to become stiff from not enough use.

I am in the fantasy of the river in Egypt being the only de Nial there is.
You know the old joke…”De nial isn’t just a river in Egypt. ”

Cute joke. I always liked that one.

Yes, I have had illness that forced me into the bed for a certain number of days. But before and after that illness, I was still in the bed all day.

I fear getting fat again, if I keep refusing to move. I became very fat years ago because I stopped moving around.

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