The good days and the bad days

Dac's Mommy

When you have a sick child with an incurable

disease you live for the good days.

  1. No seizures
  2. no surgeries
  3. no meltdowns
  4. no difficulties taking meds
  5. no resistance
  6. no rages or tears
  7. sleep
  8. no accidents
  9. no messes
  10. no pain
  11. nothing heart rendering to decide
  12. no drama

and then we will have the bad days

  1. seizures
  2. surgery
  3. meltdowns
  4. fighting meds
  5. fighting against everything
  6. rages and tears
  7. no sleep
  8. accidents
  9. messes
  10. pain
  11. having to make hard decisions
  12. drama

Until you have lived this life. Shouldered this

load, you have no idea what it is like. It will

test your mental fortitude and it will make

you want to give up. Some days its second

to second.

It drives me nuts when people think you can

live like they do. Having a special needs child

is hard work and there is no one patting you

on the back or cheering you on.


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