The Guilt Complex; Why Is It Always My Fault

Everywhere But Here

Am I constantly misunderstood or is it those around me.  When I was a child my mother used to always tell me that I “should be ashamed of yourself”.  I’ve since learned that if you shame a child they will grow up with a guilt  complex.  I eat, sleep, and breathe this problem; even now at 40 years old I still feel like everything I do is wrong.  From the simple act of putting on makeup, to making a quick trip to the store, somehow I’ve done something wrong (least that’s what I’m told).  I just cower as I get screamed at for what I have no real idea.  I am a grown woman who is treated like a child on a daily basis. I know that with ADD comes an inferiority complex, that is a hard thing to deal with.  I feel younger and more immature than any of…

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