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All parents want their children to grow healthy and happy. Probably each mother and father tries their best to provide their kids with whatever they need to  succeed in life. And no parents can avoid facing a painful dilemma that has grown into a  full-blown public debate: ‘ Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate’.

I would re-frame this question thus  ‘  Investigate Before You Decide to Vaccinate’

The Vaccination Controversy has been in the headlines since the 19th century! Exactly 116 years ago, in July, 1899, New York Medical Journal wrote: ‘ Vaccination is a monstrosity, a misbegotten offspring of error and ignorance, it should have no place in either hygiene or medicine… Believe not in vaccination, it is a world-wide delusion, an unscientific practice, a fatal superstition with consequences measured today by tears and sorrow without end ‘ by  Professor Chas Rauta,  University of Perugia, Italy .

To sum up…

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