The Least Helpful Thing You Can Do for Someone Who Is Depressed


There are countless lists on the Internet about depression, some helpful, some insightful, and others that say nothing at all. I’ve thought of making my own list before, but today all I really want to talk about it one bullet point, one specific least helpful message you can give to someone who is depressed. In my opinion, it is simultaneously the biggest don’t-do that is also the most common thing that people end up doing, even those who want to help out.

Treating them like they’re normal.

(as much as anyone is normal)

I know that sounds weird, and, just like most concepts, it’s not a thoroughly evil thing to do. It most certainly can be annoying to have everyone walk on eggshells and treat you like you’ll always be depressed, even on those days when you feel like you’re doing a bit better. It’s the extreme I’m talking about…

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