Unlikely Abuse

sunfire and thunderstorms

The adult mind is as fragile as a child’s. Despite being (supposedly) “fully developed” (science keeps pushing that back) and having logic to understand people’s behaviors, trauma impacts adults in the same ways that children are impacted.

I imagine that there are people who don’t believe this. After all, children exist at the whims of the adults around them – and live entirely by those whims. Adults can break away and fend for themselves, right? Yes and no. Adults can work to be self-sufficient. Adults can try to remove themselves from toxic situations, and try to end toxic relationships. BUT. There can be a substantial amount of guilt about cutting out toxic people, fear in leaving toxic situations, and it is difficult (financially and emotionally) to be self-sufficient.

And when it comes to abuse and trauma, the brain reacts in the same ways. Have you heard that violence in the…

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